Our SGF | Services


SGF’s dedicated sales team have expert knowledge of the local market. With this knowledge, we are able to innovate sales strategies tailored for each airline. We are able to generate more sales by using market analysis,increasing of face to face meetings and creating incentive schemes for customers.


Marketing strategies incorporating direct and indirect strategies to capture the potential customers. To create promotion strategies to strengthen the airline brand name in the market, such as creating and distributing promotion gift, printed materials, promotional events and social media.

Interline Management

SGF is able to create and manage interline arrangement with other airlines or trucking companies. This is to create additional business / connectivity for airlines that do not have access to any particular country. Depending on the requirement of individual airlines, payment can either be done via ICH Settlement or local Settlement.

Customer Services

High standard, experience and dedicated customer services team to manage enquiries, reservation, update of shipment status and irregularity of shipment.


Operation team to liaise with GHA / CTO to ensure that shipment is handled with care to prevent irregularity such as damage, pilferage and off-loading. They also monitor to ensure that shipment departs in a timely manner.

Valued Added Services

We will assist and coordinate with relevant government departments and other organisations on behalf of the airlines. We also act as immigration consultants and provide necessary immigration services when needed.

Core of SGF

Why Smart Global Freight?

Our adherence to the highest standards of performance ensures our ability of supplying advanced logistic solutions, reliable and measurable services and feasibly effective transportation programs. With this in practice therefore enhancing business opportunities for our clients.

  • Impressive track record
  • Dedicated organization and air cargo focused company.
  • High quality of market knowledge (competitors and customers)
  • Sound financial standing and capacity to invest.
  • High level of transparency and accountability.
  • Strong, efficient and vibrant sales and management team.